By now you swear by your Korean 10-step skincare routine and the beautiful glass effect it has on your skin. You’re probably familiar with the ultra-innovative technologies and some of the “strange” ingredients that go into Korean skincare products, empowering them to address any skin concern imaginable.

In 2020, South Korea continued to elevate our already-high skincare standards. Even during the global pandemic, South Korean brands have come up with many new innovations and hybrid products that were successful in meeting our changing needs – such as maskne.

skincare trends

Without further ado, here are the top 3 Korean skincare trends going into next year.


You might know this ingredient by its other names: Centella Asiatica, Gotu kola, tiger grass, pennywort, and spade lead. We call it Cica for convenience.

In 2021, Cica will continue to rise in popularity and not for no reason. Very soothing and sensitive-skin friendly, Cica extract is rich in amino acids, carotene, flavonoids, and niacin – all of which are extremely nourishing and repairing for the skin. Cica is known to calm inflamed and/or sun-exposed skin, fight premature aging, and provide deep hydration. It is also known to help with microcirculation, which is especially important on a long haul flight.

In 2021, whether under a lockdown or not, many of us will be applying Cica sheet masks, pampering our stressed-out selves in the best and easiest way possible. Like a spa treatment at home.

Probiotic extract

You might have already heard about the use of probiotics as a skincare ingredient in 2020. They are just so good, so so good for the skin that they’ll be much more popular come 2021. It’s just inevitable.

Briefly, probiotics are strains of good bacteria that can act as powerful skincare ingredients, helping with excessively dry or oily skin, regulating skin pH levels, healing scars, revitalizing skin, and calming inflammations. They also help build skin immunity and fight against free radicals and environmental aggressors. Does it get better than that?

Wondering what types of products come with probiotics? While all products can feature this ingredient, sheet masks are probably the most convenient way to apply probiotics on your face. Because you leave the mask on for at least a few minutes – and more if you have time – probiotic sheet masks can be super effective in ingredient delivery and absorption.

Pimple patches

Maskne, anyone? Pimples? Pimple patches will be super popular in 2021 because, why expose your whole face to anti-acne products when all you have is just one or two pimples? Or, why expose your cheeks or neck to these really strong products if your pimples have all convened on your forehead?

Packed with all the right ingredients and targeting a super-specific problem, pimple patches are tiny miracle workers that clear the pores and bring on rapid healing. If your pimple hasn’t fully surfaced yet but you can feel it forming a bump already, a pimple patch can help stop it from surfacing. Here’s to a pimple-free 2021!