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What Is K- Beauty?

Discover the biggest beauty innovations that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. For skin that’s healthy, majorly hydrated, crystal clear and glassy – achieved by a multi-step skincare routine using products that feature crazy sounding yet miraculous ingredients. Get your hands on some of the most advanced formulas in the world. Find the best recommendations for your unique needs.

Meet The Next Evolution in K-Beauty – Slow Beauty
Posted On September 23, 2021
Don’t have time for ten steps? Convinced you need fewer products? Koreans, are developing a new, slower approach to skincare. Get to know the main tenets of Slow Beauty – the newest trend in K-Beauty.
What Happens To Your Skin On A Plane And What To Do About It
Posted On August 24, 2021
For anyone who’s never heard of it, it can be shocking to discover what happens to the skin on board a flight. The record poor quality of cabin air, the pressurized environment, the lack of proper humidity, plus the usual stresses of flying in this day and age all make even the most perfect skin […]
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Korean Beauty Top Travel Tips for 2021 and Beyond
Posted On July 25, 2021
How you can take your full Korean beauty 10-step routine on the go? No worries, Here are 5 tried and tested travel beauty tips to help you keep your Korean beauty routine while traveling. Read more..>
The State of K-Beauty – 2021
Posted On June 13, 2021
With the global spread of the pandemic, our skincare needs changed. Our skin became drier or oilier, and more sensitive. Korean brands rushed to the rescue, offering sensitive-skin friendly products to give our skin the boost it needs. Read more about the state of K-Beauty..
How Do I Start a Korean Skin Care Routine?
Posted On May 12, 2021
Interested in starting your own Korean skin care routine? Just ask yourself what your main skin concerns are, and what would you like to tackle? You’ll need to cultivate a flexible approach while maintaining your commitment to your skin on a daily basis. Read about these 3 steps that are special to the Korean routine.
5 Korean Skincare Routine Mistakes You Might Be Making
Posted On March 29, 2021
Korean skincare routine can seem daunting. Once you get in the habit of doing it daily, then it becomes a part of your routine. Read more on how to get the most out of your products and achieve your skin goals>>
5 Gifts for People Who Love Korean Beauty
Posted On January 20, 2021
Korean beauty products makes an amazing present. We’ve put together the 5 most skin-loving gift ideas from the vast world of Korean beauty.
What’s Next in Korean Beauty? A Glimpse into 2021
Posted On December 28, 2020
South Korean brands have come up with many new innovations and hybrid products that were successful in meeting our changing needs. Here are the top 3 Korean skincare trends going into next year.
Korean Beauty Tips for Bright Under-Eyes
Posted On October 27, 2020
Want to minimize the appearance of puffiness, dark bags and lines, and restore a youthful glow? Here are 3 simple tips on how to get beautiful looking eyes. Read on..
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How K-beauty Conquered the World and Our Hearts
Posted On September 17, 2020
Since 2011 when the world was introduced to the BB cream, Korean beauty has changed our beauty routine and conquered our hearts. Today, the Korean beauty market is the leader in the global skincare industry. But how did K-Beauty become this popular?
Biggest K-beauty Makeup Trends Now
Posted On July 16, 2020
Looking to create the best day-to-day or evening looks? discover K-beauty’s biggest makeup trends and how to achieve them at home. Read more>>
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Your Guide to the 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine
Posted On July 1, 2020
We’re breaking down the steps and guiding you through each and every step in the Korean beauty routine. Not everyone needs to do all of the steps. Read more.
Skin Type Riddle Solved: Identify Yours in Seconds
Posted On June 1, 2020
Before you buy new skincare products it’s crucial that you know what’s your skin type. How can you identify your skin type?
Find The Best Korean Mask For You In 3 Easy Steps
Posted On May 10, 2020
Want to know how you can find the right mask for you and your skin? Read on..
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Korean Beauty History & Culture – Explained
Posted On April 19, 2020
How did K-Beauty start? Read more about the rich, amazing beauty legacy of South Korea and Korean Beauty skin care.
What is Korean Skin Care – Everything You Need to Know About Korean Skincare
Posted On March 16, 2020
Whether you’re new to Korean skin care or already a devotee, you probably have questions about it. Read More..
Pro Tips to Choose Your Perfect Sheet Mask
Posted On February 13, 2020
Here’s a short guide to help you choose the best type of sheet mask for your skin.
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Winter Is Calling: Cold Weather and Your Skin
Posted On July 24, 2019
Warm clothes come down from the attic, your bed is too warm to get up, and the temperature outside is below freezing – these are just some of the signs that winter is already here… and it’s not going anywhere for the next few months. What else defines winter? Well, it’s a challenging time for […]
Hydrogel Vs. Sheet Masks: Ingredients, Benefits, Uses
Posted On December 25, 2019
Do you know how to choose the best mask for your skin? In this post, we explore the key differences between hydrogel and sheet masks including their ingredients, benefits, and uses.
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Clean Beauty: A Here-to-Stay Innovation or Just a Fleeting Trend?
Posted On December 9, 2019
The clean trend has recently become a star in the beauty world. Read More..
Hydrating Water – The Whys, The Hows, and the Ways to Get the Most from It
Posted On October 7, 2019
Inspired by Korean beauty rituals, Hydrating Water is an ultra-lightweight, non-greasy, watery facial tonic that comes in a bottle. It includes skin-transforming ingredients, offers intense hydration, and tidies up skin texture to allow for better absorption of nourishing products that come next in your daily skincare regimen – all in one application. Why use Hydrating […]
Soo Boo Ji – Rebellious Combination Skin
Posted On July 24, 2019
The Right Skincare and Makeup for Soo Boo Ji – Rebellious Combination Skin Do you have skin that doesn’t fit into one category? One day it’s as oily as a slice of pizza, the next day it’s as dry as the desert sand. Your morning makeup sits seamlessly on your face yet come lunchtime, it […]
Sheet Masks are Changing Faces
Posted On July 9, 2019
Have you ever wondered why Korean women’s skin looks so incredibly flawless? Some might argue that it’s in the genes or the traditional Korean diet, but these things don’t have anything to do with it. It all boils down to the rigorous Korean skincare routine, which is thought to have at least 10 different steps. […]
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The Trend Towards Natural, Organic Ingredients in the Beauty Industry
Posted On July 24, 2019
Natural, organic ingredients. These are the stars of the ‘healthy’ trend in the beauty industry. They are part of the desire for a healthier, simpler life; a life filled with the things that connect us to nature. Nature-based cosmetic products sustain the environment, and are flag-bearers for the use of organic plants, fruits and vegetables. […]
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Fitness and Facial Skin
Posted On July 24, 2019
After you read this article, it will be much easier to give up your lounge chair and get your body going… We’re used to hearing about the beneficial effects of exercise on respiratory and heart function, weight loss and even depression and anxiety. But we hear much less about the connection between physical activity and […]
Glass Skin
Posted On July 23, 2019
We all know that the most complicated part of beauty care is looking natural. It doesn’t matter how long the road is to achieving a natural look; it’s vital that you avoid getting confused along the way, and never, ever leave markers that show how you got there. One of the hottest trends in beauty […]
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How to Create a Luxurious Home Spa in 6 Easy Steps
Posted On July 9, 2019
How many times a week do you dream of a pampering vacation, or even just a few hours’ break from the exhausting reality of everyday life? If your answer happens to fall in the double-digit range, and even if it’s slightly less, you are most definitely drowning in work and simply have to make some […]
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Korea’s Cosmetic Industry is Gaining Worldwide Popularity
Posted On July 8, 2019
Lately, we have been witnessing an accelerated growth in the Korean beauty industry across the globe. The trend has caught on quick, and it is not only limited to the expansion of Korean brands but is also reflected in the introduction of Korean-inspired cosmetic products to product lines sold by popular Western brands. The trend […]
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There Are Sunscreens and There Are The Amazing Korean Sunscreens
Posted On July 9, 2019
The majority of Korean women view skin to be the epitome of beauty. That is the reason why Korean women stick to their long-step skincare regimen. They are also very aware that their efforts to preserve and restore youthful skin can be too easily ruined by the sun, the sun being the number one enemy […]
The Korean multi masking beauty trend
Posted On July 9, 2019
It’s no surprise that the masks products have made a huge marking in the beauty industry, especially with the explosive introduction of Korean beauty masks. Why not? The masks products have become more affordable, accessible, hassle-free, but most importantly the results are instantaneous. We have seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian, January Jones, Sienna Miller, Lady […]
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The 12-Step Korean Beauty Regimen
Posted On July 3, 2019
Korean skin care regimen is gaining interest in other parts of the world beyond Asia as people become more aware of their skin’s health and look up to a culture which places a large value on the clear appearance of skin