We all know that the most complicated part of beauty care is looking natural. It doesn’t matter how long the road is to achieving a natural look; it’s vital that you avoid getting confused along the way, and never, ever leave markers that show how you got there. One of the hottest trends in beauty today is based precisely on this principle, and it focuses on achieving a radiant, illuminated look that is completely natural as if the face is glowing “from within”.

Like many other popular trends in the beauty industry, the radiant look also originates in Korea – a country that continues to strengthen its position as a beauty empire and source of beauty inspiration for the whole world.  Two beauty concepts that were long based in Korean culture have now hit the West, and we simply can’t get enough of them.

The first is “honey skin”: skin that displays a particularly hydrated look. The way to achieving honey skin is to maintain a strict moisturizing routine that ensures the skin appears saturated and nourished, even when facial creams and oils have been fully absorbed. The second concept, which went viral on social media and has infinite hashtags to promote it, is “glass skin”: particularly radiant skin that looks like the shiny texture of glass.

These two beauty concepts have lately taken root in the international beauty conversation, as millions of women worldwide try to achieve these clear, radiant looks. Unlike other trends that have come from Korea, this time we’re talking about a look that can’t be achieved by a well-trained hand in makeup alone.

For the glass skin look, the way to achieve it may indeed include the use of coverage products, like foundation and various brightening products, but the true basis of the glass look relies on a strict nourishing routine, and no less important – an intensive, deep cleansing routine. Cleansing exposes new radiant skin layers, and the nourishing action makes them appear even better.

This current beauty trend has shined a spotlight on the importance of using effective beauty products on a daily basis. The ultimate radiant look, as tempting as it is, is not one that can be achieved overnight. Trend ambassadors of glass skin, particularly the Koreans among them, who were raised and educated on these beauty care traditions, place a strong emphasis on the necessity of high-quality moisturizers as part of the process of creating ultimate radiant skin.

So the next time you see a truly radiant face, perhaps when it pops up on your Instagram or Facebook feed, know that there are no shortcuts to achieving this perfect level of naturally illuminated skin.