There is a new, popular makeup product being snatched off the shelves worldwide – and it’s no coincidence that the convenient all-in-one solution has emerged from the expanding Korean Beauty industry.

The foundation cushion is not an ordinary compact product used for coverage. Its purpose goes beyond basic cosmetic use as it doubles as a skincare product which aims to provide several benefits to your skin other than serving as a foundation, similarly to a BB cream in compact form. The cushion in enriched with SPF protection, hydrating qualities and ingredients meant to act as anti-aging, anti-inflammatory or protective from harmful environmental effects. Like most of the Korean Beauty products, the cushion compact tends to have a more natural composition and application effect than other cosmetic products.

Many of the common foundation cushions found in stores today contain an addition of antioxidants to assist the skin in fighting off the effects of pollution. You may also find UV protection of up to 50 SPF amongst the leading products. Some of the cushions additionally include factors for absorbing sweat to prolong the effectiveness of the wearer’s makeup.

One of the main improvements which the foundations cushion has gained from its evolution form the typical compact foundation is the lighter texture which gives the skin a much more natural look. Often concentrated with water, the cushions tend to leave the skin looking dewy and fresh, rather than layered with heavy, unnaturally-textured foundation. The cushion itself is designed to limit the amount of product dabbed onto the skin with each application – for a light coverage which is best for daily use if you do not have any major blemishes to cover.

Furthermore, the cushion compacts tend to be more hygienic than traditional foundations cushions. Many of the sponges which come included with the product contain rubycell technology, which is meant to provide the sponge with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties to reduce accumulation of bacteria. This often-neglected problem is a big issue when it comes to reusing makeup brushes and sponges which accumulate dirt and bacteria on a regular basis, therefore it is still recommended to wash the sponge every now and then to maintain cleaner skin.
For women looking for a light, skin-hugging makeup to double as a sunscreen, moisturizer and more – it may be worthwhile to try the foundation cushion as a multi-solution product for daily use.