In the last two years, as people spent more and more time at home, one big trend that took off is wearing less makeup and becoming more conscious of how one’s bare skin looks and feels. Even after strict lockdowns were over and many of us began to return to normal, we continued to prefer a natural glow. Just like that, we switched from heavy foundation to natural, skin-loving moisturizers and masks. We became skin-minimalists in our post-pandemic lives.

Perhaps not surprisingly, demand for at-home products with potent spa-like effects has skyrocketed. We all wanted to be able to achieve smooth, clear, even-toned skin with an A-lister glow on a daily basis.

Korean Beauty At-home

Korean Beauty facial masks came to the rescue, giving skincare enthusiasts like us, not just great-looking skin but also a pleasant, soothing self-care experience – just what many of us needed through these difficult times. But which Korean mask? Below we put together a list of the most popular four masks for you to try at home.

Probiotic Face Mask

Topical probiotics can help balance your skin’s moisture levels while also supporting and strengthening its natural protective barrier. A face mask rich in probiotics can provide hydrating and nourishing benefits while also helping you to achieve a subtle natural glow. Choose a microfiber sheet for a comfortable skin-hugging experience.

Avocado Face Mask

If your skin feels dry, tired, or dull, an avocado mask is for you. It’s a skin savior with plenty of potassium and vitamins B2, D, A, and E. Avocado will help replenish lost moisture while also softening your skin for a beautiful, supple look. Look for an avocado mask that comes in bamboo fiber – it will deliver the best of both worlds.

Beetroot Face Mask

Beetroot can be incredibly good at reviving your skin. It awakens and brightens dull and lackluster complexions while also deeply hydrating and nourishing. Beetroot will help your skin to glow with youth and achieve an improved tone. And don’t worry, most beetroot masks aren’t purple-pink and won’t stain your clothes.

Carrot Face Mask

Carrot has antioxidant superpowers that come from ample amounts of beta carotene, vitamins B, C, D, and E. Carrot root extract helps your skin with anti-aging, in addition to providing antioxidant and moisturizing effects that are especially beneficial for dry, very dry, or prematurely-aging skin.

A face mask saturated in carrot goodness can help infuse your skin with all these vitamins while also showering it with intense hydration. Most carrot masks can be used every day for skin brighter, deeply moisturized, better-protected skin. Make sure to check the product package for directions and recommended frequency of use.

Mask application pro tips

  • Always apply your mask to clean skin.
  • Adjust around the eyes and mouth for the best fit.
  • Massage remaining residue into your skin until the formula is fully absorbed. 

Ready for your at-home spa appointment?

Cleanse your skin, apply a mask, kick back and relax. Turn some calming music on and put your phone away and on silent. Enjoy!