Korean beauty products make amazing presents for birthdays, holidays, or just because. They also make great presents for yourself. After all, who wouldn’t want the gift of beautiful glowing skin, offered in truly pretty packaging?

Below, we’ve put together the 5 most skin-loving gift ideas from the vast world of Korean beauty, ranging from the most popular sheet masks to products with the most interesting ingredients.

Korean Beauty Gifts

1. Sheet Mask Packs

There’s a reason why Korean sheet masks are so popular. Name a skin-care concern, any concern really, and there’s a sheet mask for that. Dryness, redness, microcirculation problems, dullness, tightness, aging – the list is long. While a sheet mask can address one or multiple concerns, a sheet mask pack can cover all the bases!   

Pick a pack of three, five, or even sixteen sheet masks as the gift for the skincare lover in your life and they’ll be forever grateful.

2. Essentials Value Sets

If you’d like to introduce your loved one to a brand you adore, what’s better than an essentials value set or an intro kit? These tend to come in cute boxes or beautifully wrapped bags and make great gifts.

Many brands put in their sets products that work very well together, such as a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer from the same skincare line. These edited selections can be a perfect introduction to Korean skincare.

3. Travel-friendly Sets

Despite all the restrictions, people are still traveling. More and more people are taking short trips, driving to regional destinations, and going camping. A travel-friendly set offering all types of travel essentials – such as a pimple patch or a calming sheet mask – could be just the skin saver your friend needs on the go.

4. The latest crazes

Korean beauty never ceases to amaze skincare enthusiasts – there’s always a new skin-transforming ingredient, a breakthrough formula innovation, or a new product that reflects the trends of the times.

If you want to get your loved one a trendy gift, go for a Cica or a probiotics-based formula. Both are ultra-popular right now – and not for no reason. Cica is an amazing inflammation calming ingredient, perfect for after sun exposure or during stressful times. Probiotics, on the other hand, are known to balance the skin’s pH and provide protection against the environment. Both ingredients can be absorbed by the skin deeply and effectively through the sheet mask delivery technology. Give your friend a pack of Cica or probiotics sheet masks, and watch them take their glow to the next level.  

5. A haircare set

Another gift idea for someone who loves to self-pamper and look good is a haircare set that targets scalp concerns. An invigorating scalp formula might just be the solution that will turn your loved one’s bad hair days into stylish, confident hair days, with much less effort. Thanks to the freshness and comfort that come with a thoroughly clean scalp, you’ll be upgrading your friend’s haircare routine forever.

Pro tip: Whether you pick a single skincare product, a skincare set, or a haircare set, make sure the brand or the formula is based on an interesting, cool or popular ingredient. This will make your gift unique.