It’s no surprise that the masks products have made a huge marking in the beauty industry, especially with the explosive introduction of Korean beauty masks. Why not? The masks products have become more affordable, accessible, hassle-free, but most importantly the results are instantaneous. We have seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian, January Jones, Sienna Miller, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Chris Pratt share their grooming masks. The mask products, for me, have always been the under evaluated skincare line. So, I am bursting with joy to see the rave, buzz and hype over these products. We have advanced further and evolved with the mask products, giving it option for different skin needs, how and when to use them. We still enjoy the apply and wash away masks types but now there are – sheet masks made with cotton, tencel fiber, seaweed, and foil, – point packs which target to hydrate mini areas, – splash masks, the fastest way to hydrate the skin, – sleep masks, the ones that you go to bed with, and – what are sectional sheet masks for eyes, lips and those fine lines. Also, how about all these new exotic ingredients the Korean beauty masks are offering? The Korean beauty market is so competitive that they are in a continuous developing stage, coming up with ingredients that enhance just a little bit more. Be daring and venture out to more exciting and advanced ingredients for your skin like snail mucin, donkey milk, ginseng, propolis, camellia oil, mugwort, volcanic clay, and more. Apparently, funny as donkey milk might sound, it is known to be 60 times more nutritious than cow’s milk, attributing to skin regeneration and high source for hydration. Ginseng, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, I call it a super ingredient, is known for anti-aging and improving the complexion. Volcanic clay, unlike other clays, is great because it cleanses impurities but does not leave the skin feeling tight.

With so many options and with consideration to our unique skin needs, we have entered a new trend of MULTI-MASKING. Multi-masking refers to applying more than one mask at once on different parts of the face or applying several masks in succession to answer the needs of the skin. We all have combination skin. Some like to refer it as having Dry to Normal or Oily to Normal skin type but no matter where your skin falls into, your skin will need special attention in different areas. So, to comply, we are customizing the masks to deliver the necessary solution to each area. The concept of multi-masking could have come from a product containing 4 different masks. However, today we are gifted to choose among different ingredients, textures and application method. All we have to do is come up with that “magic combination” for our skin.

For a maximum effect, it is always recommended to start off with a scrubbing mask to get rid of the dead skin and be skin ready. Then, depending on your skin, you can mix and match purifying, hydrating, refining, lifting, brightening, calming, contouring, and de-puffing mask to the targeted areas.

With overflowing choices, here are few great combinations for multi-masking (to be applied simultaneously or in succession);

  • For everyday maintenance; Apply purifying, oil control, clay mask on the T-zone, use a hydrating mask for the cheeks and place eye masks to support the most sensitive part of the skin.
  • For a night out; Apply pore refining mask on the T-zone to tighten those pores, let cheeks glow with brightening mask, and eye masks to reduce that puffiness and finish off with lip patches for that plump looking lips.
  • For younger looking skin; Apply radiant mask on the T-zone, then place smile line patches to reduce the lines around the mouth, lifting mask on the cheeks, and for extra support, try a V contour patch for your chin and neck.
  • For trouble-prone face; Apply Kaolin clay mask to detox and purify skin of breakouts. After, put on a calming mask to sooth the skin. Then, before going to bed, use acne patches.

There is so much more, so play around until you encountered what works for you. Remember to follow the instruction on the packaging and pamper yourself!