In a world that changes at the speed of light – sometimes at the drop of a tweet! – it becomes harder and harder to relax and balance your mind, let alone your skin. Work stress, emotional stress, family responsibilities, the pandemic, air pollution – there’s so much to worry about, so many reasons to frown and deepen our wrinkles.

Yet, when we turn to the internet or the television, we see many people from Korea and other parts of Asia sporting incredibly smooth skin and confidence. What’s their secret? Is it merely their genetics? Or is it that they know a secret we don’t?

Their secret is in slowing down long enough to enjoy life’s little moments – something many of us in the West forget or ignore. These little moments include stopping to smell a rose or spending time in front of the mirror in the morning and gently massage and pamper our skin.

Don’t have time for ten steps? Convinced you need fewer products? You are not alone – many Koreans, too, are developing a new, slower approach to skincare. In this article, we share with you the main tenets of Slow Beauty – the newest trend in K-Beauty.

Quality over quantity

If you want to have a full ten-step routine, that’s fine. But are all the products in your routine well-formulated, clean, and really good for you and your skin? Today’s leading K-beauty professionals emphasize quality over quantity – what matters is not the number of the products you apply, but their active ingredients. Do they complement and boost each other as you apply one after the other?

Cultivating a joyful routine

Does your routine add stress to your day? Do you see it as yet another responsibility, another chore? For Koreans, their skincare routine is a refuge, a daily ritual to get in touch with themselves. Those few minutes in front of the mirror, touching and massaging your own face, breathing, experiencing a multi-sensory experience with the textures and scents of the products, can feel like meditation if you allow it. Try not to rush through your routine; try to enjoy every minute. If you get impatient or feel like it takes too much time, use fewer products that are of higher quality.


Clean, sustainable formulas

The slow beauty movement isn’t about quick fixes and formulas that damage the earth and our health. It’s about being conscious of the products, formulas, and their packaging, and choosing those that will bring you peace of mind.

A natural approach

Slow Beauty proposes a skincare routine grounded in nature. This doesn’t only mean natural formulas but also incorporating nature-based beauty tools into your routine. One such tool is the jade roller. It can transform your routine into a healing ritual, for your skin and your soul. And that is the secret of Slow beauty – turning your skincare routine into an opportunity to slow down in a world that never stops.