Gone are the days of spontaneous international air travel or long trips visiting multiple countries. Today, many of us prefer to take short trips. We drive to our vacations in our private cars. Some of us prefer camping over a hotel stay. While we’ve all adapted our travel plans in different ways, one thing holds true for all of us – that we have all become a lot more thoughtful about when, where, how, and how long we’ll travel.

Why not do the same with our on-the-go skincare?

If you’re wondering how you can take your full Korean beauty 10-step routine on the go, you’ve come to the right place. No worries, we certainly don’t recommend packing ten or more full-sized bottles, which is mission (almost) impossible! Instead, below we share with you our tried and tested travel beauty tips – all super practical, useful, and appropriate for our changing times.

Travel Tips for 2021

Korean Beauty on the Go

Travel Tip #1: Take multi-tasking products with you

The key to simple travel skincare is packing multi-tasking products in order to knock out several skincare steps in one. A multi-tasker cleanser will not only remove makeup and impurities but will also tone and gently exfoliate your skin, saving you the need to bring a toner or exfoliator.

Looking for a travel substitute for double cleansing? Just double cleanse with the same cleanser – a great multitasking solution for traveling. The first cleanse will help to lift off and break down makeup, dirt, impurities, and oil. The second cleanse will help to make sure it’s all washed away.  

Travel Tip #2: Pack lots of sheet masks

The ultimate go-to travel skin saviors, Korean beauty sheet masks are potent formula-soaked products that brighten, intensely hydrate, treat and moisturize the skin.

As Korean sheet masks are individually packaged, they are disposable once used. You won’t be carrying them back! They’re super lightweight and they take up little space in your bag. So, you can easily bring different masks for almost any skin issue you may run into while traveling.

Travel Tip #3: Don’t rely on samples

You might be thinking of bringing skincare samples with you – you know, the random samples brands give you to introduce you to new formulas. The problem with this approach is that you don’t want to expose your skin to new formulas while also exposing it to a change in conditions – a new environment and climate, different foods, maybe even new water sources. Your tried and tested skincare products are your best friend at such a time – which takes us to Travel Tip #4.

Travel Tip #4: Bring your tried-and-tested products

If there’s a product you wish you could take with you but the bottle or the jar is too big or heavy, there’s something super simple you can do about it. Squeeze just enough of your favorite product into a small kitchen jar, a clean contact lens case, or another small household container. If your favorite product is pre-soaked makeup removers or pads, put just a few, or as many as you need, in a plastic bag, then make the bag airtight by tying it. You can also buy small travel-approved bottles or cases from your drug store.

Travel Tip #5: Bring your Unskippables with you

Before you leave home, ask yourself: what are your most important, absolutely unskippable Korean Beauty skincare routine steps? For most people, the answer points to a 5-step or even just a 3-step travel skincare routine. For a vast majority of skincare enthusiasts, cleanser and moisturizer are non-negotiable. If you have a serum that you know works wonders, bring that along. If eye cream is an absolute must, pack it away (it’s probably a tiny bottle anyway!)

To sum up: identify your priorities, bring multi-tasking products, pack lots of sheet masks – and have a wonderful time. Bon voyage!