For many beauty enthusiasts all around the world, South Korea has become synonymous with the 10-step Korean skin care routine. We learned about new brands and tried new formulations such as essences, hydrating waters, and sheet masks. We came to understand that skin care is not about quick fixes but rather a well-thought-out, long-term approach.

But what about Korean makeup? How do skin-conscious Koreans create their best day-to-day or evening looks? In this post, you’ll discover K-beauty’s biggest makeup trends and how to achieve them at home using the brushes you already own or even your fingertips.

K-beauty Makeup

Trend #1

Go completely coral – if you have the right skin tone and/or the courage. From eyeshadow to blush and lip tint, a monochromatic coral splash on the complexion is an elegant attention-grabber. The trick is to use a range of shades and finishes.

For example, if your lips feature bright matte coral lip tint, use a subtler, lighter, and sheer coral shade on your eyes and cheeks. Or the complete opposite – use intense creamy coral on your eyes and pair it with a soft glassy lip gloss on the lips. Never emphasize two different areas of the face at the same time.

To make your monochromatic coral look thoroughly professional, choose light blendable textures and pastel shades. It’ll be easier to match them and create layers.

Trend #2

Natural eyelashes – keep your lashes looking natural no matter what, even if you’re using bold eyeliner and applying intense eyeshadow. Avoid fake eyelashes and dramatic mascara effects. Pick a mascara that promises natural-looking results. Find a formula that offers lengthening as opposed to volume.

South Koreans tend to choose light, pastel eyeshadow shades. They apply ultra-fine eye lining to add a subtle effect. Nothing about the eyes is exaggerated. Then they apply a natural mascara.

Trend #3

Pairing a natural eye look with ultra-bright, ultra-matte lips – a look you can find in most makeup websites including Western ones. But Koreans do it with such precision that it inspires awe! Here’s how.

Use a fine-tipped, precise lip liner in the same color as your lipstick. Apply a lip primer, then take the time to draw around your lips using the lip liner. Make sure it’s bold and perfect before you apply any lip color. Once you feel comfortable with the shape you created, apply your lipstick with a lip brush. If you don’t have a lip brush, apply your lip color slowly and try to stay within the lines.

Don’t worry if you go over the line and smudge. You can always use a tiny, straight-edged brush to correct your mistakes. Dip this brush in your foundation or powder, and correct your lip line from the outside.

Koreans are crazy about matte hot pink these days. Doesn’t work for you? No worries. Pick a color that best suits your complexion and brings out the best in you – whether it’s a classic shade of red, a head-turning dark plum, or a muted nude.