K-Beauty is the newly trending name currently used worldwide to categorize lines of skincare developed around the concept of the thorough multi-step Korean beauty regimen. The extensive regimen has aroused curiosity worldwide, with the Korean beauty ideal of supple and bright skin catching the attention of consumers outside of Asia.
K-Beauty has a contrastive approach to skin care in comparison to many Western cultures. K-Beauty places an emphasis in improving and maintaining skin health and moisture in order to achieve a natural, clear look for the skin rather than applying makeup. While in many countries outside of Asia women aspire for a tanned look, light skin is considered the typical beauty ideal in Korea.

Korean Beauty cosmetics

The Korean beauty lines are characterized by products with unique textures and are often oil-based rather than creamy in their composition. The regimen includes a variety of products including at least two types of cleansers, exfoliators, serums, sheet masks, essences, moisturizers, sunscreen, sleep creams, eye creams and more. Depending on the brand, these products often contain eccentric ingredients which aren’t typically found in Western products. They also carry very unique consistencies which differentiate them from the heavier creams which some women find  too much for their skin.

The “bounce creams” for example, have jelly-like consistencies and are easily applied in to the skin with a soothing feel. The Korean products also contain a lighter version of the typical foundation called “cushion compacts”. The product is composed of a spring-loaded sponge soaked with tinted fluids that have more of a moisturizing than coverage function. This lighter replacement for foundation emphasizes the more natural selections characterized by the Korean products. In the cleansing category, you may find the convenient solution of a “cleansing stick”. These sticks have a high oil content and melt upon contact with warm skin, making the application simple and soothing.
The unique product lines are introducing a new awareness for more moisturizers, and less makeup. K-Beauty products may be found amidst more and more cosmetic brands worldwide as the trend continues to grow.