How many times a week do you dream of a pampering vacation, or even just a few hours’ break from the exhausting reality of everyday life? If your answer happens to fall in the double-digit range, and even if it’s slightly less, you are most definitely drowning in work and simply have to make some time for yourself. Our bodies are just like a car – it needs recharging every day, and a regular check up once in a while to reinforce the chassis and engine. So if gas is like food, then regular checkups are either that pampering vacation you were dreaming of, or a high-quality spa treatment for the face, body and soul. In our stressed-out, busy routine, it is hard to make time for a relaxing spa visit. But with a little effort, you can turn the four walls of your home into a world-class spa, in just 6 easy steps.

Step 1: Setting the Mood

With all due respect to the pampering needs of your body, one of the most important aspects of a spa is the general atmosphere that gets you in a relaxed mood. The necessary equipment: candles, fragrance diffusers, even bowls filled with rose petals. And for dessert – dimmed lights and gentle music.

Step 2: Getting Ready for the Finish Line

Thinking ahead is the key to success in life, and especially when it comes to creating a spa. What does this mean? The bowl of cut fruit and hot kettle of green tea waiting for you at the end of the treatment, and the fluffy bathrobe that you put into the clothes dryer so it would be warm and soft when you get out of the bath.

Step 3: Preparing the Raw Materials

High quality body peels, oils, bath salts and body butter or body cream are the building blocks when talking about body treatments. If you’ve chosen to focus on your face as well, then you’ll need to add cleansing products suitable for your skin type, such as nourishing masks, serums and moisturizers.

Step 4: Raising the Temperature

For the best absorption of nourishing ingredients to the skin, and to open the pores, it is recommended to create a steamy effect by running the hot water faucet in the bath for 10 minutes before entering the bathroom. Then, finish filling the rest of the bath to get the water to the right temperature for you.

Step 5: Work in Stages

In order to maximize the pleasure, it is recommended to first scrub the skin all over with a body peel in your favorite fragrance, and then to rinse the skin with pleasant lukewarm water. Next, soak in a bath enriched with salts and oils that soften and nourish the skin. After getting out of the bath (don’t forget the warmed bathrobe!), and while your skin is still damp, it is recommended to use a rich body butter and gently massage the skin, particularly in areas that tend to get very dry, such as elbows and knees. If you still have a bit of time left, continue with the face, using a nourishing mask and a relaxing massage with hydration cream.

Step 6: Pay Special Attention to Your Feet

Last but not least: the ultimate treat is to pamper your feet, which – after all – carry your body weight the entire day. Apply a rich foot cream and then put on cotton socks to wear overnight. The warmth created by the socks enhances the effects of the cream and beautifully softens the feet.