Interested in trying sheet, hydrogel, or rubber masks? Want to know how you can find the right mask for you and your skin? Want to find the best Korean face mask ever and add it to your Korean beauty routine? Whether you’re new to the Korean skin care products or you’re a pro, here’s how you can find the best Korean beauty products in masks.

Step 1: Identify the right kind of mask for you 

Sheet masks: If you’re after convenience, easy application, and tons of hydration, what you want is a sheet mask. You can apply it whenever you want – in the morning, in your car, after a flight. When the sheet dries, you peel it off, and ta-da.

First things first – let’s identify what you are looking for. Intense hydration? Intense nourishment? Ease of use and convenience? Are you on a budget or do you want to turn your mask experience into a spa day?

Rubber masks: If you have oily, sunburned or stressed-out skin, go for a rubber mask, though it’s a frosting-like application and thick consistency makes it unfit for on-the-go application and somewhat inconvenient for at-home use. If you have the time and the money for a spa treatment, go for a rubber mask.

Hydrogel masks: Less convenient than a sheet mask yet much easier to use than a rubber mask, hydrogel masks are masks that melt into your skin, delivering all their ingredients right into your skin, including the natural gel material. You can’t peel them off easily like a sheet mask; thus, the messiness.

Step 2: Check out the formula

Once you know which type of mask you prefer, next comes identifying the right formula. Masks can include a variety of unique ingredients and formulas; so the first step would be to identify what it is you’d most like to achieve using a mask? Is it pure hydration? Anti-aging benefits? Anti-inflammatory or anti-redness effects? Oil control? Some masks offer several benefits at the same time, too.

Pick a mask that’s suitable for your skin type. If you have oily skin, never pick a mask that’s formulated for dry, normal, or even combination skin. The more specific you are, the better the results. If you have redness or inflammation, make sure the mask addresses it.

Step 3: Try different brands

When it comes to beauty, there’s no one size fits all. While some products might be endorsed by celebrities and advertised highly, this in and of itself doesn’t mean they are good in general or that they are the right product for you.

Sometimes local brands that use unique local ingredients are much better than well-commercialized brand names. The only way to know is to try different brands and see which one has the best mask for you and your skin’s unique needs.

Some great mask brands include Peach and Lily, Saranghae Sephora, Seacret, and Soko Glam. Take a look at the masks these brands offer – remember to pay attention to their ingredients and what they promise to do. If the site allows users to post reviews, make sure to take a look at what actual users say. This should help you make a better-informed decision and find the best Korean sheet mask, hydrogel mask, or rubber mask.