So many sheet masks, so little time! Face-shaped, ready to use, and pre-soaked in nourishing serums and essences, sheet masks are made up of a wide variety of fabrics including non-woven fiber, cotton, hydrogel, bio-cellulose, and others.

While the formula the mask is infused with is important, it doesn’t do all of the work. The mask’s fabric, too, has a big influence of how much and how fast the skin absorbs the formula and how easy it is to apply the mask.

To help you to choose the best type of mask for your skin, here’s a short guide to the key benefits of each type of sheet.

Non-woven Fiber Sheet Masks

Non-woven fiber sheet masks feature a porous, breathable texture made from separate fibers. They are flat like paper and their somewhat coarse texture makes them easy to handle and apply. Because they can hold many different types of formulas and are generally affordable, they are a common type of mask in the global beauty market.

Note that with some non-woven sheet masks, you may need to lie down after you apply them, as this type of fabric doesn’t offer strong adhesion. Depending on the quality of the non-woven fabric used, some masks also have limited capacity to deliver the formula deep into the skin.

Seacret’s Cica Calm Cooling Mask is a high quality, easy to apply non-woven sheet mask that delivers an intense amount of Cica, also known as Centella Asiatica and tiger grass, to instantly calm and balance dry, red or irritated skin.

Cotton Sheet Masks

Cotton Sheet Mask

Usually white, soft, absorbent, and made from cotton, microfiber or Cupra, this type of sheet mask is the most common sheet in the market. Like non-woven masks, they can hold a variety of formulas, they are affordable, and they dry relatively quickly – making a great option for beauty jetsetters who are short on time.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Cupra, it is made from short linters that are left behind after raw cotton is processed. It has a white-transparent appearance and thanks to its semi-coarse, semi-soft texture, its application is extremely simple.

Seacret’s Age Reverse Cupra Mask is a powerful anti-wrinkle mask that delivers an amino protein complex as well as Dead Sea minerals to help strengthen elasticity and calm sensitivity.

Seacret also offers three bamboo superfood masks – avocado mask, beetroot mask, and carrot mask, all made with tightly woven bamboo fiber that’s skin-friendly and super easy to apply.

Hydrogel Sheet Masks

Hydrogel sheet masks are for those beauty enthusiasts who have the time and the extra bucks to invest in a mask. These masks blend serums and essences with gelatin which makes the mask feel like a film layer. Their gel-type consistency requires careful handling as it can tear but once on the face, they fit facial contours very well. There’s generally a top and a bottom layer and you peel one side and apply the second to the face. A good hydrogel mask delivers the formula very deep into the skin.

Seacret’s Flexi Boost Coconut Hydrogel Mask is a high performing hydrogel mask that’s infused with vitamin-rich coconut oil that boosts skin suppleness, helps to optimize elasticity and improves skin texture.

Seacret also offers Gold Core Timeless Hyaluronic Hydrogel Mask which combines pure 24-carat gold and hyaluronic acid to bring you the ultimate in hydrogel masks.  

Bio-cellulose Sheet Masks

Bio-cellulose sheet masks are made of all-natural fibers that embrace your face like second skin and do not dry out during application. Similar to hydrogel masks in performance, bio-cellulose sheet masks tend to be thinner and easier to apply. For many in the beauty industry, bio-cellulose masks are the gold standard.

Seacret’s dried bio-cellulose sheet mask fights against aging by delivering a powerful dose of peptides to the skin for improved texture and increased resilience against outside influences.

types of sheet masks

Other types of sheet masks

There are two other types of masks that may be worth mentioning as you’ll come across them online. They are foil sheet masks and charcoal masks.

Foil sheet masks feature a cotton layer on the side touching your skin as we can all imagine how foil alone can’t hold or deliver skincare formulas effectively. What the foil does is to help prevent the formula from evaporating. When it comes to charcoal sheet masks, they aren’t actually made of charcoal. They feature charcoal as an ingredient, compressed and infused into the sheet, to help balance oily skin.

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