Lately, we have been witnessing an accelerated growth in the Korean beauty industry across the globe. The trend has caught on quick, and it is not only limited to the expansion of Korean brands but is also reflected in the introduction of Korean-inspired cosmetic products to product lines sold by popular Western brands.

The trend is inspired by the cultural emphasis on skincare in Korea – which is defined by the preference for light, soft and hydrated skin. The 12-or-more step beauty regimen common in Korea is catching on around the globe, powered by the advanced technologies being developed in Korea which opened up an era of innovation in the cosmetics industry.

The products, which are meant to protect, nourish and maintain healthy skin, are commonly used in combination with a long series of complimenting products – used in a specific order which aids their absorption in the skin.

One of the most revolutionizing products adapted by the Korean beauty industry was the Korean BB cream, an anti-aging and hydrating foundation with SPF protection. The product entered the United States in 2011 and opened up a skincare category that was previously untouched in the country.

The product created interest and curiosity in the unique products of the Korean beauty industry, which slowly but surely had cosmetic companies introducing new products into the US such as sheet face masks and overnight sleeping masks, cushion compacts, booster essences and much more.

Although the regimen may be considered a tedious process, the youthful, natural-looking skin commonly seen on female Korean celebrities has become a new goal for many Western women who most recently sought the contrasting look of tanned skin. The emphasis in the Korean beauty trend is health and natural beauty rather than heavy makeup, damaging chemicals and prolonged sun exposure.

This past month, Kintex (Korean International Exhibition Center) collaborated with the BBAB cosmetics trade show to create the first K-Beauty Bangkok Expo, which featured over 150 prominent Korean beauty companies. The exhibition is sure to open up many more opportunities within the fast-growing industry.

With the K-Beauty products spreading rapidly through the industry, the best products should be selected with care and attention to the ingredients – which are the biggest emphasis in the origin of the beauty trend.