The Right Skincare and Makeup for Soo Boo Ji – Rebellious Combination Skin

Do you have skin that doesn’t fit into one category? One day it’s as oily as a slice of pizza, the next day it’s as dry as the desert sand. Your morning makeup sits seamlessly on your face yet come lunchtime, it thickens, moves and melts by rebellious oiliness, or becomes uneven and patchy by dryness. Some days all this happens simultaneously. There is this category-defiant imbalance in your skin such that excess oil and dryness exist at the same place at the same time.

Oily-dry skin sounds like an oxymoron but it’s possible – even common – to have the type of skin that’s two different things at the same time. Coined Soo Boo Ji in Korean, it’s skin that’s as oil-slicked as it gets yet deeply lacks moisture, causing a variety of hard-to-manage skin care, makeup, and anti-aging issues.

Why does your skin do this?  

If you suffer from Soo Boo Ji, what tends to happen is, because your skin isn’t sufficiently moisturized, your oil glands try to fix the problem by pumping out sebum. It’s something your glands do to try to protect your skin’s outer barrier. But in the end, unfortunately, your skin remains equally dehydrated, perhaps even tight and itchy, yet it also appears oily. You end up with a frustratingly shiny complexion that feels parched.

Some people with Soo Boo Ji experience the oily-dry phenomenon a bit differently – while some areas of the face is oily, such as the T-zone, other areas are drier such as the cheeks. Typically called Combination Skin, the dryness and oiliness of this skin type is also deeply affected by inner and outer factors including the products used.   

The right formula for Soo Boo Ji

What you need in all your products is a multi-tasking formula – one that delivers incredible hydration while controlling excess oil and sebum. Whether it’s your morning skincare regimen or makeup routine, with Soo Boo Ji you need ingredients that are beyond traditional moisturizers and humectants.

For a thoroughly balanced skin that is comfortable and glows with health, what you want in your formulas is a little bit of everything – barrier repair abilities, anti-inflammatory properties, sensitive-skin friendly formulation, lightweight texture, SPF if you’re going out during the day, as well as a demi-matte finish.

Whether it’s your cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, foundation or powder, your selected formula must be designed to hydrate your deeper skin layers while controlling oil. With makeup, less is more. Refrain from heavy foundations and layering. Go for natural no-makeup makeup looks when possible.

With Soo Boo Ji, if you must do one thing every day, never skip moisturizing your skin with an oil-dryness balancing formula.