Blush shades somewhere between pink and peach, the “no makeup” look, and contours in pops of color are just some of the fabulous trends we saw this past fall and winter. But there is one uncontestable queen that is likely going to steal the stage this season – eyeliner, in a multitude of interpretations: cat eye, just under the lower lash line; freestyle; and even happy colors like blue and green. Anything goes, and everyone according to her favorite liner, and the style that suits her eyes and personality.

Eyeliner – Drawing the Line

Stage One: Find the perfect eyeliner for you

The store shelves are lined with every kind of eyeliner. How do you know which one to choose?

Pencil liner: The longest-standing eyeliner of them all gives full drawing control. Our recommendation – softer is better, for your comfort and for your skin.

Creamy liner: Comes in a small jar; needs a truncated brush and steady hand for proper application. How to do it correctly? Dip the brush into the cream and draw the line close to the lash line. By the way, if you want to

maintain a clean, straight line, first draw a line with a regular eye pencil.

Liquid liner: Usually comes with a built-in brush and gives a fine, precise result. To prevent embarrassing situations (like smudged liner), wipe excess liquid from the brush with a tissue before application.

Liner marker: One of the hits on the market. Those who use it swear by it. And not for nothing – the ergonomic marker allows for relaxed control and a neat, balanced line in terms of thickness.

Stage Two: So, what’s my line?

  • Thin line (classic) ends at the edge of the eye and suits just about everyone except those with, particularly small eyes.
  • Cat-eye (one of the season’s hits), recommended mainly for those who want to make their eyes look larger. For the “total look”, tie the hair back in a high ponytail to give extra upward emphasis.
  • Thick line, suitable mainly for those with undereye bags. How it really works: the viewer’s gaze focuses on the dominant liner instead of the bags.
  • Do your eyes stick out a little? Liner with a smoky finish gives an illusion of a more sunken eye.
  • If your eyes are wide-set, line the eye in the inner area closer to the nose, which will create a visual illusion of proximity.
  • It is recommended to start drawing the line from the inner ridge of the eye near the bridge of the nose, and not from the outer socket edge. Although this is the way most women prefer, in many cases the line will be too curved.
  • There’s a gap between the lash line and the liner? Next time, position the applicator as close as possible to the lash line as if the brush is drawing in between the lashes themselves.