Let’s face it – the Korean skincare routine can seem daunting. So many steps, so many products, so much to pay attention to! But truth is, once you get in the habit of doing it daily, then it becomes just a part of your routine, like making your morning coffee exactly the way you like it. Then it isn’t a chore.

To get the most out of your products and achieve that perfect glassy glow, here are some tips on avoiding the five most common Korean skincare mistakes.

Are you cleansing thoroughly?

To make masterful art, any artist would start with a smooth, clean canvas. The same is true for our face – any serum, mask, or moisturizer will penetrate more deeply and be able to deliver benefits only if our face is thoroughly clean.

That’s why the Korean skincare routine includes double cleansing, i.e. washing your face in two steps. First by using an oil-based cleanser, which removes excess sebum, SPF, and pollutants, then by a water-based cleanser, which cleanses sweat and dirt.

Are you rubbing instead of tapping?

You might have all the right products at your disposal but the way you apply them might be wrong. If, for example, you apply your serum or moisturizer by aggressively rubbing the product on your face, it’s very likely to contribute to irritation, redness, or even sagging and wrinkles.

When applying products, use your fingertips and gently draw small circles. Don’t press hard or tug at your skin, especially around the eye area. You can use a bit more pressure when applying a cleanser or a scrub, but never too much.

Are you applying the products in the right order?

With ten steps, the order in which you apply your Korean skincare routine products can be confusing. Double cleansing and exfoliation first. Then, you go from thin to thick, lightweight to heavy. Serum will always come before moisturizer. If you’re applying a sheet mask, it too will come before moisturizer. The only formula that can come after moisturizer is SPF cream, night cream, or a sleeping mask.

Are you guilty of “too much, too soon”?

If you’re a beginner, jumping straight into a 10-step routine might not be the best idea for your novice skin. It’s best to introduce new products one at a time to make sure they work well with your skin type and address your specific concerns. If you are interested in doing the 10 steps, better to slowly build it with products that you’ve introduced to your skin before. Start with a 3-step routine (cleanser, toner, moisturizer). After a few weeks, move up to a 5-step program (adding serum and eye cream). Then, only a few weeks later, go for the full 10 steps.

Are you being consistent?

For a skincare routine to achieve results, being consistent is key. Applying serum one day, then forgetting it for a few days won’t help you to achieve glassy skin. Also, try to be patient as you apply each product, making sure to give them time to absorb and work. Don’t expect overnight results – allow each formula at least two-three weeks to prove its effectiveness.