Summer is just around the corner and some relaxing, outdoor fun, times are ahead of us. Like all things, we need to be prepared to enjoy the sun. In the summer, you’ll want a lighter, smoother, and glowing looking skin. We know what we want so let’s find out how to get it and there are few tips and abundant products K-beauty has in store for you to restore, rejuvenate, and nourish your skin.

Let’s prep your skin for summer. You probably have heard this over and over again but cleansing your skin properly is the KEY, especially during summer, in your skincare regimen. Just having a clean skin, you have already achieved halfway to gaining a lighter, smoother, and glowing looking skin. Make sure you deep cleanse. This means use exfoliating scrubs or peeling pads to get rid of that dull, flaky, outer layer of the skin. We need to unclog dirty, blocked, pores for summer is “Tis a season for breakouts”. Don’t forget your lips when exfoliating. Then, use kaolin clay masks to get rid of excess sebum and if you have blackheads or large pores on your nose, use charcoal nose packs. Use exfoliating scrub, peeling pads, and clay masks 1 to 2 times per week. The deep cleansing part is now complete. For your daily cleansing routine, make sure you double cleanse. Double cleansing is 2 step cleansing. Step 1 is using a cleansing oil to get rid of makeup and moisturizer on your face. Then, step 2 is using a foam cleanser to wash away oil, dirt, and remove any residue that was left behind. For excess build up of sebum during the summer, use charcoal soap as your foam cleanser which happens to do the job marvelously without drying your skin. Then, it would be ideal to finish off your cleansing routine with cleansing water that can detoxify your skin. Your skin will be clean now!

To obtain lighter skin, change your skincare regimen to summer products. This can be done by substituting products. Change your toner to an essence toner that zooms in on hydrating. You can never hydrate your skin enough during summer. For your eyes, instead of your eye cream, use a lighter serum type or more convenient stick type that can enhance hydration to work on those fine lines, dark circles and can be used on the go to de-puff eye areas throughout the day. Cop-out on creams as your moisturizer and use lotion, gel or mousse type that is lightweight in texture made with silicones, squalane, and glycerin that will hydrate your skin but leaving the skin breathable. When skin is deficient in hydration, the skin will produce excess sebum. Always finish your last step of skincare regimen with a sunscreen. There are new lightweight formulated sunscreens that will penetrate to your skin super fast but also adds deep hydration. Make sure to use sunscreens with SPF 30 or over and PA+++. You can use sunscreen mists throughout the day for added protection with supplemental hydration.

For smoother skin, you have already taken the debris off your skin with properly cleaning so to further facilitate, use pore tightening essences or serums and usually with pore tightening products it also improves the firmness of the skin which will boost smoothness even more. Also, to improve on fine lines use truffle based essences that provide enrichment to the skin while diminishing lines and wrinkles. You will be happy knowing that, although a luxurious ingredient, K-beauty has made it affordable.

Last, but not least, for that healthy glowing skin, use whitening line products. In K-beauty you might see “whitening” a lot on labels but this moniker actually means “brightening”. There are full lines for whitening products from toners to moisturizers. There are essences that deliver hydration while brightening within. Brightening essences are loaded with vitamin C and other plant extracts to lighten up a dull complexion. It will lighten those dark spots if you have any. Many of these brightening essences do double or even triple duty to make your skin glow.

When you need fast results, there is what we call the first responders, the amazing masks! There are masks for cleansing, hydrating, brightening, firming, and soothing that you’ll need for the summer. For your eyes, use the gel-like eye masks to quench the thirsty, sensitive, skin. There is also a new type of hydrating and brightening facial mask that is made with a thicker, woven, cloth for deeper penetration of ingredients and that won’t slip off your face. Just a reminder, there are masks not only for your face, eyes, lips, nose, and chin but for targeted parts of your body like elbow, fingers, hands, feet, breasts, hair and more that will help to highlight your beauty.

Enjoy being out this summer!